Danube Delta and Black Sea seaside

For wild life and bird lovers, the Danube Delta still offers a small corner of paradise. You will be able to observe rare species in their natural environment, which are extinct in other European countries.

The origins of the Delta date back approximately 13.000 years and undergoes a continuous changing process ever since. The main responsible for these changes is the Danube River, allowing the Delta to advance slowly towards the sea. Before flowing into the Black Sea, the Danube gets separated into three branches of different lengths, Sulina, Chilia and Sfantu Gheorghe, generating a network of channels of thousands of square kilometers, the habitat of numerous species of animals and plants.

The specially trained guides will help you choose from a variety of activities undertaken in the Danube Delta. Starting from excursions in a tent under the stars to luxury cruises, all the enthusiasts can find here the thrill, joy or peace they are looking for.

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